Philantropic Funding

pf image1Disclaimer:  We are quite knowledgeable concerning these various tax strategies and the laws relating to them …and use them frequently in our various activities. However, we do not practice law and urge you to consult with your own legal advisers before taking any action relating to our observations or recommendations!

pf image2 WBA offers Philanthropic Funding 
(profit and non-profit) tailored to serve your goals, objectives and capabilities.

Having met your financial goals and ambitions for those near and dear to you…as a man of means, you might want to consider turning your efforts …and financial capabilities, toward serving those less fortunate than you. These are noble and worthy causes that are not only extremely beneficial to the recipients… but are also most gratifying (and often very profitable) to high income taxpayers who utilize this method of maximizing their contributions.

The beneficiaries cover a broad spectrum of interests, including most Humanitarian and Ecological projects for humans, pets, nature preservation, climate control, energy, water, air and a host of other things. And the vehicles that provide them legally and properly structured, generally get very favorable tax treatment. So much so, in fact, that the contributions made by high income taxpayers (using tax favored strategies) often result in more spendable income for his “bottom line”.


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Good alternative energy sources include solar energy, wind and bio-fuel power (also hydroelectric power).

These solutions are not only clean, but cost significantly less. Frequently there are solutions that can actually decrease global dependence on coal and fossil fuels.