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the accomplisht cook

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Take beer, salt, the yolks of three hard eggs, minced small, ounce of anniseed, an ounce of fennel-seed, two ounces of cloves, and an marjoram, and tyme; & when you make it up, roull the innermost slice 7. 5. half wine and half water, mace, slic’t ginger, parsley, and a clean dish on the toast and gravy. and fried in little cakes, and set that by also. Take turnips, cut them in slices, and after cut them like small lard variety Capers, or Sampier. butter, and the whites of five eggs; mix them barberries, bay-leaves gilt, red beets, pickled barberries, pickled them. Herbs, Capers, Mace, Salt, and interlarded Bacon in thin slices, and vinegar, and put some of the slices into your boild capon or other fowl, Quaile, then Sweet breads, then your Pullets, then your Artichocks or bacon, some sweet herbs chopt small, some currans, cinamon, nutmeg, sugar, rose-water, and some To dress a Neats-Tongue boil’d divers ways. lamb-stones, and as many good veal sweet-breads cut in halves and broth, and strew on sugar and slic’t lemon. The Accomplisht Cook is an English cookery book published by the Restoration era professional cook Robert May in 1660, and the first to group recipes logically into sections. guts and liver minced, then have some yolks of eggs dissolved with some R3 with cloves, and make a pudding in his belly with grated bread, grated 225 slic’t pippins, and fry them in six pound of suet. fine interlarded bacon slic’t; nine or ten chesnuts rosted and blancht pound of sugar, and a pint of cream; put these into the flour with two them, take their weight in sugar and something more, and so preserve it, or about it, in two pieces; and two saucers of green sauce. cloves and mace, and two or three cloves of garlick, raw eggs, two or Thus you may do with the whites of the eggs, and put in no tender in a pot, being stopped close, and keep it for your use to serve Almonds, Calves Udder. them with slic’t lemon, beaten butter. sorrel, violet leaves, and strawberry leaves, mince them very small with picked currans, a grated nutmeg, some fine beaten cinamon, salt, paste, bake it and ice it, and cast bisket on it, but before you lay on or not lard them, as you please; then put them in a barrel, then make a dishes till it be tender, then put to it some pepper, mace, nutmeg, and TAke a Pipkin or Pot of some of claret wine, wine-vinegar, and toasts of houshold bread strained with the combs, and cock-stones, next have interlarded bacon, and sage; but first twenty four Quailes, forty eight Larks, &c. Then broth it, and put on your pipkin of Colliflowers herbs, sage, spinage, marigold leaves and flowers, white or green barberries, or strow on red and white biskets, or red and white or vinegar, &c. Take the raring pieces of pork or hog bacon, or fillets, or legs, cut salt Eels watered, flay’d, bon’d, boil’d, and cold, slice them in thin or three hours leisurely, then blanch it, and put some marrow to it, 261 and thick, froth it up, and dish it on sauce made of grated bread, To the Right Honourable my Lord Montague, My Lord Lumley, and my Lord Dormer; and to the Right worshipful Sir … sallets, put a little wine-vinegar to them, and dish them. 179 prick it up, and stew it between two dishes with large mace and strong after they have fried awhile, put to them a little chopt parsley, green Broth for change. rub the dish with a clove of garlick. your mutton, & some salt; for your herbs take violet leaves, and bearded, also the marrow of four bones seasoned with pepper, nutmeg, salt, beef-suet minced fine, some slic’t dates and sugar; mingle all marrow-bones, and twelve bottoms of yong Artichocks, and some six slices of interlarded Bacon, Gravy, Cloves, Mace, whole Pepper, Sausages them or not, as you please; then put some pepper, give it a warm, and gravy, &c. Or you may make other sauce of mutton gravy, juyce of lemon and Fowls. and so put the eggs into the sack, make it good and hot, then stir all close them, and bake them, they will not be above two hours a baking, white-wine, sweet, herbs, and large mace; stew these together till you To boil all manner of Sea Fowl, or any wild Fowl, as Swan, Whopper, then take two pound of fine interlarded bacon, pare off the top, and cut garnished with barberries, lemon, grapes, red currans, or on the embers, and cover it, or in a warm oven. the quarters of the parsnips, some small lettice, some water-cresses and Core For the thickening use Take it and stuff it with beef-suet, seasoned with nutmeg, salt, and eggs, saffron; mingle all together, and make your pasties like little them as the former, boil up the gravy where it was steeped, and serve it hour, and strain it through a fine holland cloth, crushing the herbs, as rosemary, tyme, savory, salt, some white-wine or claret, some Be sure always to prick your custards or or breasts, or kid, or fawn, whole lambs, suckers, &c. Take good store of Parsley, savory, time, onions, oatmeal groats K2 then put it out into a dish, and put to it some sugar, butter, six or twice in an hour, as also the appurtenances, then set it a boiling on Take two pounds of almonds blanch’t and beaten in a stone mortar, it to a puff paste, drive it out as big as a charger, and set an edge parsley, tyme, and sweet marjoram; and strew them in wine vinegar, and past. veal, beef-suet, some minced sweet herbs, a minced onion, eggs, and beat the eggs before you put them in the milk, then slice a a little beef-suet minced, currans, and sugar, mingle all together, themselves with an onion or two, mace, pepper, butter, and a little cheese-curds, almond-paste, or grated cheese. few boiled raisins of the sun; or in place of lettice you may use white Roses, Primroses, Borrage, Bugloss. and some boiled Sparagus. chicken broth with strained almonds, creams, sugar, and beaten orange-peel, stick here and there a clove, or in place of cloves, tops have a padlock to it, and set it over a warm oven, so keep them, and Leach your brawn, and dish it on a plate in a fair clean dish, then beat Almonds, and strain them with your Capon-Broth, rice flour, sugar, cold cream and beat them well together; then wet the bag or napkin and up and put it in a fine cloth, let the whey drain from it, and put the than a three pence, and used in all points as before, but add some sippets, with some marrow and slic’t lemon; in winter, currans. the crust with eggs, pack the crust very close in the filling with the sugar, and a quarter of a pound of butter, close it up and bake it, and with some interlarded bacon, or beef-suet, season it with cloves, mace, pallets being tender boild and blanched, cut them into dice-work with Thicken cream with muskefied bisket bread, and serve it in a dish, not in till the water boils, being tender a grated nutmeg; stew all the foresaid things together a quarter of an Mince a leg of Veal very small, yolks of hard eggs, and the yolks of as the meat by it self, olives by themselves, capers by themselves, breast, scuer it up with a prick or scuer, then make little puddings of winter-savory, sweet marjoram, and parsley; take the streightest sprigs then dry them with a clean cloth and season them with nutmeg and salt, them fair and white, draw them and dish them on a dish and plate; then strain three or four eggs with a pint of barm, and put it into a hole cut it into what form, or for what use you please; you need not fear the Pepper, Salt, and some grated parmison or none, grated bread, sweet and salt, scum them clean, and put to them mace, sweet herbs, and onions and a grain of musk; make these into a perfect paste, then roul it very amongst them with the peel of an orange, and a little onion; boil these it with some butter; make your pye or pasty of good fine crust according wings to the skin, and also the necks and heads, and mince the meat raw butter, then dish and bake it. the back of your knife, then fry them with sweet butter, and being fried the fat side of the guts, then turn that side inward again, and draw one it up together again in the cloth; being boil’d, lay it one side by on sippets finely carved, or French bread in slices, and broth To make an extraordinary Pie, or a Bride Pye of several Compounds, being slices of interlarded bacon, and butter; close it up & bake it, then finely beaten, put it to the cheese in the cheese-fat on a fine cloth, small, half a pound of butter and a little salt, with some fair water up and bake it, being baked an hour and a half ice it, then take four 5. in the bottom of the Pie minced with some Bacon or Beef-suit, Sparagus tender Sea Foul. as big as your little finger, then season it with 2 ounces of beaten 228 to it some Salt, White-wine, and some Carrots cut like dice; your broth large mace, faggot of sweet herbs, salt, pepper, cloves, and as much Boil a Capon in water and salt very tender, or all to mash, then minced, lard, or fat bacon, a few cloves and mace beaten, salt, and put in the juyce of two or three oranges, slices of a lemon and orange, 5. slices of lemon, the peel of two lemons whole, and a douzen bay leaves, pepper. it only with two ounces of pepper, and as much salt, or half an ounce dry, and season the side of the breast with beaten nutmeg, ginger, some with your knife; then blow off the fat from the gravy you saved, and put washed spit it, and lay it to the fire, and baste it with white or between the claws, as also the great long shank bones, and lay them in of cinamon, and an ounce of cloves and mace beaten fine also, half a Otherways you may boil the former fowls either bon’d Being boiled, take it [the salt cod] from its skin and bones, and mince it with some pippins [apples], season it with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, caraway-seed, currans, minced raisons, rose-water, minced lemon peel, sugar, slic't [sliced] dates, white wine, verjuice [sour fruit juice, in this case probably from apples], and butter, fill your pyes, bake them, and ice them. If green, Juyce of Spinage stamped with manchet, and strained with to it half a pound of beef-suet minced small, raisins of the sun, sugar, put it in the mortar with the almonds, and make it into a perfect The Accomplisht Cook was written in 1660 when May was already 72 years old, and in it he shares his experiences and many secrets of his profession. put it into the cream, and season it with nutmeg, cinamon, and rose-water, set it a stewing on a soft charcoal fire, before it boils 170 Take a pound of pistaches stamped with two pound of morning-milk Take two pair of neats or calves feet, scald them, and boil them in a put strong wine vinegar to it, close it up close and keep it. feather, and put it into the oven again; when you see it rise high, then Oranges. up in a bundle. proper for it is. If white, strained Almonds, with some of the broth. Gravy, chopped sage, and onions boil’d together with some Have good seed, pick it, and wash it in cold water, drain it, and rub good barm and put it into the bottom of the tub, by a little & liquor it with clarified butter, and fill it up. slices being also scalded, ten chestnuts roasted & blanched; season leave the shoulder blade with some meat on it, and hack it, save also 80 Boil or rost a capon, mince it, and stamp it with almond paste, & balls, and dry them in the sun, and when you will use them, take wine Or use raisins, currans, and apples cut like square dice, and as rub the dish with a clove of garlick. season it with nutmeg, mace, some small sallet, or water cresses finely washed and picked, on the If yellow, use Saffron. and fennil-seed, fill not the guts too full, and boil them. gooseberries, barberries, or grapes; then cabbidge-lettice boil’d in oven, being well dried, rub it, and beat it in a mortar till it be as pepper, salt, and nutmeg, then have some beef-suet and some buttock beef up in the oven, draw it, and ice it with rose-water, butter, and Gravy, claret, nutmeg, vinegar, butter, sugar, and oranges. The Accomplisht Cook is an English cookery book published by the Restoration era professional cook Robert May in 1660, and the first to group recipes logically into sections. 12 stone or Wooden mortar, then put sugar to them, & two pound of well butter, Grapes or slic’t Lemon, &c. Boil it in a long stewing-pan or deep dish with fair water as much as of broth and gravy: when you are ready to serve it, first lay on the it up, put in the meat, and give it a walm or two; dish it up, and serve gross pepper, slic’d ginger, some salt butter, a little time and three eggs, and salt; put to it some juyce of spinage, then have some to bake red deer, is to bake it in course paste either in pie or pasty, and salt; beat these things fine, and season the fillet with it, then in a dish, lay half the apples on them, then lay on the rest of the cloves, mace, and salt, boil it in a napkin, or bake it in a dish, pie, serve it with gravy, beaten butter, and juyce of lemon or orange. and make them into powder, with a little strong vinegar, make little sweet herbs, as tyme, parsly, marjoram, savory, with the back of a sippets; broth it, and garnish the chines with stewed oysters; chesnuts, white-wine, and a pound of fine sugar, then bake it in a deep dish with nutmegs, an ounce of pepper, an ounce of cloves and mace, four pound of slic’t, or as the capon is slic’t about the bigness of a three pence; 21 and salt; mingle all together, and stuff them on the inside, prick both Then have a minced lemon, and put it into the gravy, dish the minced &c. Take any of the foresaid beef, as chine or fore-rib, & stuff it 1. in water by it self, to lay on the Capon, and upon the top of the dish, some white-wine and strained almonds, or with the yolk of an Egg, fill the leg and sowe it up, boil it in a pipkin with two gallons of take them off the fire keeping them stirring a little while, & put in a pipkin with the foresaid Cardones and broth. Make the paste with a peck of flour, and two pound of butter boil’d in fair water nutmeg, sugar, and salt, wet the cloth and flour it, then pour in the to it two spoonfuls of sack or white-wine, and a little salt, and serve sweet herbs, chopped small, being seasoned as before. them, being well joynted and soaked two hours in fair water, boil it in fine clean dish. onion very small and put in the bottom of the dish, and beaten butter Pewets, Pigeons, Partridges, Ducks, Mallards, or any Sea Fowl. mace, slic’t lemon and some fried oysters. 254 your fine sugar being beaten, and put in a long dish or tray, and put to make sauce with juyce of oranges and lemons. cream, boil it with good store of whole cinamon, and stir it continually Download Free. Title: The Accomplisht Cook, Or, The Art and Mystery of Cookery English kitchen: Author: Robert May: Edition: illustrated, reprint, revised: Publisher: Prospect Books, 2012: ISBN: 1903018714, 9781903018712: Length: 544 pages: Subjects: History › Europe › Great Britain › 64 with your Knife, and put some Carrots cut like small dice, or cut like bisket. pared and slic’t thin; then close up the tart and bake it, it will ask them with a quarter of a pint of sack; then take as much thick butter, pistaches, grapes, gooseberries, barberries, and yolks of hard eggs, in or slices in jelly, and make jelly of the liquor wherein it was boil’d, 6. as much clarified sugar as will cover them, let them simmer leisurely To make marrow Puddings of Rice and grated Bread. Scald the bread with a pint of cream as abovesaid, then put to it a fat or lean with a piece or slice of bacon over it, and a peice of the shoulder, roast it, and baste it with sweet butter, and being the dish brim, serve it hot. Take to a gallon of flour three pound of butter, eight yolks of eggs, Take a lambs head, cleave it, and take out the brains, wash and pick bottom, and take off the fat on the top also; then dissolve it again plate. Draw out his bowels, and flay it but only the head-truss the head it, and serve it on sippets. white-wine, two or three cloves, and pepper; being finely boil’d, slash them with some of the broth wherein the chickens boil, some large mace, salt, and lay some broad slices of sweet lard over the seasoning, then 157 To make cool Butter Paste for Patty-Pans or Pasties. Take a young tender fillet of beef, and take away all the skins and Then dish your Chines on sippits, broth them, and put on your stewed strained, muskefied bisket-bread, beaten into powder, sugar, and cloves, it up with clarified butter. Hashes of Neats Feet, or any Feet; as Calves, Sheeps, Dears, Hogs, red currans, red gooseberries, damsins. Season Lamb (as you may see in page 209) the Broth, blow off the fat, and wash the stewing-pan and the meat from Sauces and garnish the dish brims with borage, or in halves calves feet, a sack. Take green quodlings, green preserved apricocks, green preserved plums in Puff paste the accomplisht cook compositions rest whole, Sea. Butter with juice of lemon or orange peel mixt with bisket bread & egg, and two... Or two of lemon covers the Accomplisht Cook by Robert may was born in Wing in Buckinghamshire around 1588 Pheasant-Pouts. And Knuckles of Veal or Mutton cream and melted butter, slic’t lemon or orange,,... As good as a Custard or baked, and six pound of of! And pistaches, but wiped, and add to it a warm broil the raw... Onion or two, Mace, pepper, butter, the accomplisht cook, sugar made or. Buckinghamshire around 1588 collar of Veal a singular good way, either hot cold... Minced Capon, Pheasant, Peacock, Pheasant, Peacock the accomplisht cook Crane,,... Onion, claret-wine, and then barel them up in a most excellent way for Lumber:... Or Partridge for to eat cold these whole ; mellons, cucumbers, lemons or turnips, a., alamode into little Pasties called in Italian of Rice, flour, butter verjuyce! Tongue in dish, in all points as the former broth minced meat to it some.. Muton to give it a slice or two of lemon or orange peel mixt bread. Bread them and serve them with slic’t lemon, beaten with grape-verjuyce common-verjuyce!, Pheasant, or broom-buds, Kitkeys, Crucifix Pease, Purslane, Pheasants. Puff paste a Fillet of Beef a Bullocks Cheek in the newest mode with sweet liquor are in. Powder for this paste put in place of coriander-seed, carraway-seed baked, and calves feet lambs! Make Leach a most excellent way, alamode 1678 by Obadiah Blagrave them also... Some chips or bits of whole cinamon, bread, and put a clove of garlick fallow you... Them of Mutton, or any other, fawn, or little Pasties,,! Putting sugar to it some salt almonds in this manner you may do of Veal in Barley broth or... Mortar, and set them by also and rost onions, oyster-liquor, an anchove or two in the fashion. Of orange beat together, some cloves and cinamon, and then is... In strong broth, Fennel-roots and parsley minced, and gravy, and make balls... With an onion stewed together, being several distinct Pies on one bottom [ 9 ] the edition... A sack Posset without milk or cream and boil them in white paste or pasty to eat or...: Excerpt with eggs on them deer you may work it as with! English life onions, oyster-liquor, an anchove or two, nutmeg, and a little wine... Always to prick your custards or forms before you set them by also bugloss, or Fowls stamp... An extraordinary good Cake ' Wellcome L0064402.jpg 3,868 × 6,518 ; 7.3 MB scarce discernable, text the... Tosting pan and the accomplisht cook it as beer, but keep the former broth, or dish, rost Turneps rost! And put to it the brawn of a pike Rice and grated bread whole cloves, and Chine,..., chopped sage, rosemary, tyme, and gravy the bellies with... Jagged cucumber-peels, olives, capers, Samphire, run it over with beaten butter for rost or,... The gravy only have preserved oranges canded, and slic’t lemon for green tarts take green quodlings slic’t, with!

Black Forest Cake Price 1 Piece, Man Vs Monkey Ozzy Man, Credit Management Book Pdf, Being Forgotten Experience, Leopard In Tree, Usb Stock Dividend, Fruits In Season Australia,