borrowers image1Borrowers are individuals, or business entities, looking for money… either, for the outright purchase or construction of a given asset, or to secure supplemental financing to aid in its purchase, refinancing, construction or rehab.. Such financing, (when used for the purchase of a given asset, and/or to make improvements thereto) will enhance values and /or increase revenue and viability.

Values of the subject asset to be financed will depend upon several factors. These include location, condition, use, cash flow…and the extent to which it is marketed. Loan amounts are usually determined as a % of the value of the property itself (after improvements), as determined by credible sources such as certified appraisals, etc. …and/ or the net revenue produced (before taxes). In most cases the Borrowers equity and creditworthiness is a major factor.

borrowers image2All of these factors will be considered and verified by a credible lender before any form of financing will be considered.

WBA has the capability to assist Borrowers, at all levels, in preparation of the data necessary to meet the requirements of any credible lender capable of handling the Borrower’s requirements; and then to assist the Borrower in finding that credible lender who will do the financing required.



borrowers image3WBA has wide and diversified funding sources available and is prepared to assist you in securing the proper financing for your needs…including business acquisitions, real estate (residential and commercial), heavy equipment, etc.. This will be done in complete privacy and at a minimum cost to you, in time, effort and expense.

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