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Private Investors, Venture Capitalist, Financial Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Self-Directed IRA, Trust Deed Investors, Properties & Investments , or others…..

WBA has access to numerous opportunities that provide good returns, safety of principal and good exit strategies…

WBA and its Associates can make available to you financial opportunities that include business acquisitions, rehabs,  foreclosures, non performing notes, tax liens and deeds, stock options, etc.  Many owners, and prospective owners, without adequate financing of their own, often have high equity positions in very desirable properties. Properties that they would like to either keep for their own personal use … or to rehab or maintain as an income producing rental (while holding for equity appreciation). Astute Lenders have found that such properties often offer low risk loans and permit  great flexibility when negotiating the  terms and conditions of the sale and the term period of the loan.

Our purpose is to bring good Lenders, together with excellent financial opportunities in a professional and business-like manner that is beneficial for all parties. In our current real estate market, such opportunities are abundant and readily available to “savvy” investors.

WBA and its Associates welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Please contact us and provide us with your loan criteria.investors proactive2

We look for good opportunities in real estate… including those in good condition … those that are distressed. We deal directly with the owners when possible, but frequently  utilize vehicles such as “short sales”, auctions, REOs, tax deeds/liens, mortgage modifications, self directed IRAs, etc.  Accordingly, we are enabled to find and purchase properties at very good to excellent  prices.

(NOTE, there are the many “potential pitfalls lurking in the background” of most “deals”, (due to the problems in our economy). However, these “pitfalls” can be reduced and often eliminated, by the use of astute strategies and savvy negotiations) (Tax Strategies) These tools, have  enhanced our capabilities, and thus our abilities, to serve our Clients and our Associates …more profitably.

investors proactive3All properties are purchased and marketed in accordance with the needs and desires of our client . Each property is acquired with a predetermined profit potential in mind…either short term or long term. In the short term purchase, we are looking for “opportunities to make a quick and profitable deal”….  By “buying right …and selling right”…all parties enjoy a  potential win/win situation… either to make the quicker, but smaller profit…or a long term investment that has more potential, or satisfies a  special need such as a tax shelter, appreciation or income potential.

Other select properties are purchased as longer term investments, to be developed or held for the purpose of providing residual income, long term gains and / or tax leverage. Many of these are properties  are “cherry picked” and held either as personal investments, or in joint ventures with associates…or partners.

See attached schedule of properties developed and operated as rental apartments for several years before selling them, by James Deas and two Associates. (Developed Properties)

Currently we are looking for…

  1. Commercial and Residual Properties offered by seriously motivated sellers
  2. Buyers, Sellers, Traders or Developers, looking for exceptional opportunities
  3. Associates with specialized knowledge, talent or expertise in financing and/or real estate.


  • Real Estate Investments
  • Buying, Trading, Selling and Development of Real Estate.
  • Private Lending

Our team can provide you and your advisers with the most current and up-to-date market information available…(Locally and Nationally)… and will assist you in every way possible to make your transaction with us a pleasurable and profitable experience.

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